Relationship between Address, Contract, Binding and Behaviors is called Endpoint.

Each endpoint consists of four properties: Address, Contract, Binding and Behaviors

  1. Address (A)
    • Defines where the service resides.
    • Indicates where to find the endpoint.
  2. Binding (B)
    • Defines how to communicate with the service.
    • Specifies how a client can communicate with the endpoint.
    • Specifies how the two parties will communicate in term of transport and encoding and protocols.
  3. Contract (C)
    • Defines what the service does.
    • Identifies the methods available.
    • Its Interface between client and the server.It’s a simple interface with some attribute.
  4. Behaviors
    • Customizes the local behavior of the service endpoint.
    • Participate in the process of building a WCF runtime.
    • Specify a different listening address than the SOAP or Web Services Description Language (WSDL) address.