What a Binding Defines?

  • Protocols
    • Determines the security mechanism being used: either reliable messaging capability or transaction context flow settings.
  • Encoding
    • Determines the message encoding (for example, text or binary).
  • Transport
    • Determines the underlying transport protocol to use (for example, TCP or HTTP).

System-Provided Bindings:

  • BasicHttpBinding: An HTTP protocol binding suitable for connecting to Web services that conforms to the WS-I Basic Profile specification (for example, ASP.NET Web services-based services).

  • WSHttpBinding: An interoperable binding suitable for connecting to endpoints that conform to the WS-* protocols.

  • NetNamedPipeBinding: Uses the .NET Framework to connect to other WCF endpoints on the same machine.

  • NetMsmqBinding: Uses the .NET Framework to create queued message connections with other WCF endpoints.